MMA Term – The Stockton Slap

Stockton Slap
A technique implemented by the Diaz Brothers and perfected by Nick Diaz. It starts off with “pitter-patter” light punches then power shots are mixed in when they find an opening. Opponents usually get frustrated by the flurry and think of it mostly as an annoyance since the hits don’t do much damage at first… until they start getting rocked by the repeated hits and that’s when they leave openings for the true power shots. The KO is only moments away.

Cyborg, KJ Noons, Frank Shamrock, Paul Daley, Scott Smith, and now most recently BJ Penn have fallen victim to the Stockton Slap.

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  • RubyRed415

    Haha classic! Wasn’t it Mike Goldberg that made that comment? He made a reference to the “209” area code too. Makes me wonder if Goldberg is from Cali.

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  • Ricardo

    I don’t know him and Rogan come up with some funny shit. It’s funny because every time Nick or Nate fight they always mention Stockton and 209. They love pimping his thug attitude.

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